A volte sono le persone che nessuno immagina che possano fare certe cose quelle che fanno cose che nessuno può immaginare (The Imitation Game)
Quando c'è un impegno inarrestabile verso ciò che desideri realizzare nel mondo ogni altra forza unirà le proprie forze alle tue (Sadhguru)
Benvenuto lungo la strada per una nuova rivoluzione del pensiero 
Can atheists and agnostics believe in God? Of course, the possibility of atheists and agnostics believing in God must come through new knowledge with which they have not yet come into contact. And this is precisely the case with the model of a mind that imagines the universe, given its ability to explain all observations of nature. In the case of agnostics, believing that God exists and is a mind that imagines the universe may not be a problem as much as a solution to their doubts. A more complex case is that of atheists since they believe they already possess sufficient knowledge not to believe in the existence of God. This implies that atheists may have resistance to accepting knowledge that went in precisely the opposite direction. And yet where atheists were not guided by a dogmatic attitude marked by denying the existence of God at all costs, they will also have the opportunity to reconsider themselves in this regard.

Introduction to scientific spirituality for atheists and agnostics

What is the point of introducing a scientific spirituality?

Can a scientific spirituality work?

Can atheists and agnostics believe in God?