A volte sono le persone che nessuno immagina che possano fare certe cose quelle che fanno cose che nessuno può immaginare (The Imitation Game)
Quando c'è un impegno inarrestabile verso ciò che desideri realizzare nel mondo ogni altra forza unirà le proprie forze alle tue (Sadhguru)
Benvenuto lungo la strada per una nuova rivoluzione del pensiero 
Can a scientific spirituality work? Apparently, the answer to this question should be no as the scientific approach unlike the religious one cannot offer certain and definitive answers, least of all about God. It would serve little purpose to make the existence of God dependent on the model of a mind imagining the universe if this model were then falsified. Despite this, a scientific spirituality still makes sense, and it is the history of science itself that explains why. In fact, we know that the falsification of scientific theories corroborated by a great deal of evidence, rather than leading to their disappearance, results in their relegation to a particular case of more general theories. Since even the model of a mind imagining the universe is corroborated by so much evidence, we can expect that if it were to be falsified one day, it would not disappear. Simply such a model will give way to an even more general and comprehensive theory about God.

Introduction to scientific spirituality for atheists and agnostics

What is the point of introducing a scientific spirituality?

Can a scientific spirituality work?

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