A volte sono le persone che nessuno immagina che possano fare certe cose quelle che fanno cose che nessuno può immaginare (The Imitation Game)
Quando c'è un impegno inarrestabile verso ciò che desideri realizzare nel mondo ogni altra forza unirà le proprie forze alle tue (Sadhguru)
Benvenuto lungo la strada per una nuova rivoluzione del pensiero 
Introducing scientific spirituality for atheists and agnostics. In this part of the site you will find exposed the knowledge that can be developed about God and spirituality by applying the new paradigms I have introduced. More specifically, by consulting the articles below, you can learn about the foundations of the movement I have called: scientific spirituality for atheists and agnostics. I want to emphasise immediately that there is not and cannot be any opposition between this movement and the revealed religions: simply because they address different targets. In fact, this is and remains a movement that cannot in any way satisfy the fideistic approach typical of religions, which seeks a relation with God on a more explicit level, for which one refers precisely to religions.

Introduction to scientific spirituality for atheists and agnostics

What is the point of introducing a scientific spirituality?

Can a scientific spirituality work?

Can atheists and agnostics believe in God?